Image by Laura Du Vè

2023 | Artshouse

Community gathering to explore the history, culture and aspirations of the local ballroom scene, culminating in a night of fierce sounds and dramatic movement. The work explores how we can meaningfully bring ballroom and voguing to Australia – thoughtfully and carefully, at a time of hypervisiblity and associated complexities for trans people. Local and international trailblazers deeply explore modes of care for the community to present a vogue ball honouring family at its forefront.


Image by Namchops

2023 | Dancehouse, Chunky Move and Basement Theatre

Bridging the islands of Te moana nui a Kiwa (the Great Sea of Kiwa / the Pacific Ocean) and so-called “Australia” in real-time with Chunky Move’s 2023 Choreolab participants thumping it out at Dancehouse. We unite digitally with the party at Basement Theatre in Tāmaki Makaurau in a global live-streamed nightclub curated by our guests from Aotearoa as part of FRAME. It is a celebration and reclamation of our bodies, empowered by the lived experience of street-born dances. CONJAH (Jahra Wasasala/Ooshcon) and Jaycee Iman guide audiences, artists, and communities as we untangle the relationship between the contemporary dance canon and street-born forms from Black, Brown and Queer people.

Image by Yoav Lester.

Founder | Creative Producer
2012 - Current | Various Locations

A public activation that creates an engaging environment showcasing the diverse street dance communities that give our city vibrance all year round. An initiative to promote Australia's street dance culture through a large scale crowd judged freestyle dance battle held in public spaces. Over 15 iterations across 8 years in spaces such as Federation Square, Art Centre Melbourne, Campbell Arcade, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne Central and University of Kent (UK).

Image by Shuttermain.

Director | Producer | Choreographer
2019 | Due West Festival

A performance piece crafted by the next generation of creative voices, developed collectively by emerging hip hop dancers from local non-profit organisation L2R Dance. Through the piece, the performers explored the rhythmic exchange between movement and music in a showcase that celebrates the many cultural communities coexisting in Melbourne’s West.

Image by Shuttermain.

Creative producer
2019 | Dance Massive | Art Centre Melbourne

Dance Massive’s flagship public event, BATTLE MASSIVE created an engaging environment showcasing the diverse street dance communities that give our city vibrance all year round. Partnering with local dance communities including Brothers in Arms, Metaphysical Groove, Kiki House of Devine, Burn City Krump and Young Masters, to co-curate the event, mixing the traditional “Battle” format with a series of performances that show each community in their truest form.

Image by Paul Huynh.

9DIMES: You + Universe 
Co-Director | Co-Producer | Choreographer
2018 | Playhouse Theatre

Taking audiences on an intimate journey to the outer edges of the universe and back again, 9DIMES fuses urban and contemporary dance performed by a cast of multicultural dancers, holographic 3D overlays and a mind-expanding soundtrack. Putting relationships, identity and mortality under the microscope, 9Dimes: You + The Universe aims to refract the poetry of everyday living through the lens of space-time theory.

Image by Vanessa Napiza.

Factory Reset
Co-Director | Co-Producer 
2015 | Big West festival

Fusing a multitude of contemporary urban mediums including live electronic music, projection-design and various hiphop dance styles, Factory Reset explores the historical role of industrial development -- mass migration, aesthetic significance, relationships between man and industry -- in forging the dynamic and diverse communities of Melbourne's west.